How They're Made

As you may or may not know, all of the fabricated metal parts offered by JEWLSCustoms are hand made by myself in my small shop.

Checkout our video page to see how they're made!

The first and most important part of the fabrication is marking the tubes for cutting.  I buy 6' polished stainless and welded carbon steel tube from an online source.  6' makes it easier to ship, and I get two complete grill stanchions from a single tube, with no waste.

Once the tube is marked, then it's time to start cutting.  It's important to make sure the cuts are done on the correct axis, and that they're square.  I made a simple gage to make sure the marking line is at 12 o'clock.


The stanchions are three pieces, welded together.

Before welding, the edges are cleaned up and chamfered on a belt sander.

 Then they're set up, squaring the cuts and clamped.

The parts are then mated, and fused to tack them together.


all three pieces tacked and ready for final welding.

Once all tacked, it's time to final weld the two mating pieces.

Next, it's time to take the Garelick mounting plate that I have laser cut by SendCutSend.  They are cut to form, but they cannot put the bevel along the edges, so this is done manually.

Once both sides are beveled, it's a quick check to make sure the plate slides just over half way into the Garelick mounting jig.

Once all three tubes are final welded together, the stanchion is clamped to a vertical support to be sure it's square/plumb.  Then the mounting plate is squared to the short tube, at the crazy angle of the Yamaha hull mount.

Lastly, the JEWLS logo plate (also laser cut by SendCutSend) is formed in a die that I made.


The logo plate is fused to the tube, and then the tube is final welded to the plate.  Then it's time to polish or coat.