Installing the Pontoon Floor Mount

How to Install the Pontoon Floor Mount

First, you'll need to decide on a location for the floor mount.  The location should be close to the edge of the deck, so that the pontoon stanchion will put the grill out over the water.  A corner of the deck would be a great spot.  Before drilling any holes, inspect the underside of the deck to make sure there's nothing important underneath, as you'll be drilling a hole all the way through.

Next, use a 1/8" drill bit in a cordless drill, and drill your first hole.  The hole should be perpendicular to the location of the mount WITH THE ANGLED SPACER.  That, is, you will drilling a hole at a slight angle as shown below:

Next, swap out the drill bit for a large Phillips head bit.  Depending on which hole you drilled, use the appropriate sized screws.  The longer screws are to used at the top of the mount, and the shorter screws at the bottom.

Repeat this for the other three screws and you're done!