Yamaha 195S Table Mount Install

Adding a Garelick Eez-In table mount to the transom on a 2022 Yamaha AR195S.


This was actually a very install, taking about an hour and a half including taking pictures. You can probably get it installed in an hour without issue.

The first thing I did was to check the angle of the transom using a digital protractor / angle finder / level. First I zeroed out the angle finder on the swim deck. 

I then checked various places on the transom and they were all 13 degrees plus or minus 0.5 degrees - the perfect angle for the Garelick mount without a shim.


The perfect place to install the mount is on the starboard side just to the right of the grab handle. Putting it here would be super easy: just remove the oval access cover to get access to the transom.

However, this owner had lettering there so he decided he wanted it to the left of the head unit on the port side. This requires removal of the cleanout part cover. 

After removing the stainless screws, there is a hose clamp that needs to be loosened that attaches the cleanout rubber tube to the cover. 


Once loosened, carefully lift the cleanout port cover off. It will be tight in some areas as there is silicon sealant around the edges. Once completely loose, just flip up the cover to get access to the back of the transom. 

Now that you have access to the back of the transom, we’re ready to start the installation of the Garelick Eez-In Table mount.  

The first thing we want to do is to tape the area where we’re going to be drilling.  This helps prevent the gelcoat from chipping/cracking during drilling.


Next, you want to be sure the mount is level.  We had to put this one all the way down to the swim deck so leveling was easy.  When mounting on the center of the transom (centered from top to bottom) it’s important that it is both level and centered.

Next, you want to mark the hole.  I used a 17/64” transfer punch, which is the correct size for the ¼-20 clearance holes in the mount.  It makes a little indent in the masking tape perfectly in the center of the mount hole.

Once the marks are mode in the tape, it’s time to shrill the holes.  I drilled a ⅛” pile hole first.  Go slow and easy when drilling, with just a little pressure so that you don’t crack or splinter the gelcoat.

Once the four pilot holes are drilled, then do the final drilling with the 17/64” bit.  If you don’t have a 17/64” bit, then 9/32” will work too.  

On the 195S, we have the wiring for the head unit passing through the area that we need to install the backing plate.  This had a removable zip tie that you can press the tab on the locking portion and then remove the zip tie.  Next you want to pop off the zip tie hold down with a flat blade screwdriver.

Next, it’s time to install the mount!  Remove the masking tape from the transom, position the mount and push one of the ¼-20 bolts through the mount and drilled hole.  Next take the backing plate (engine turning marks facing out) and slip it over the bolt that you just inserted.  Install the washer and lock nut finger tight to hold everything in place.  Finish installing the other three fasteners and tighten them down.  Don’t need to be super tight, otherwise you risk cracking the gelcoat.

Next I reinstalled the hold down for the wiring using JB Kwik 5 minute epoxy, and after 10 minutes, reinstalled a zip tie to hold the wiring harness back in place.

Now that the mount is installed, we need to reinstall the cleanout port cover. I used white silicone to reseal the cover.  Place the cover back in position and install the screws.  Again, don’t over tighten or you’ll strip the hole.  And once you tighten up the hose clamp for the cleanout port, you’re all done!

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